Most Recent Project

This summer our partner organization called Global Community Outreach sent a team to the Middle East with the mission of rescuing as many families as possible from slavery.  Over $120,000 was raised by Kathy’s House, Heritage Christian Fellowship, and Mariam’s Fund to be put toward purchasing the freedom of these Christian slaves.  Our team was able to rescue over 4,000 men, women, and children who were bound in slavery among 12 different brick factories.  The government in this particular country had closed down several brick factories due to the excessive abuse of women and children by the factory owners.  This was a great opportunity that God gave us to save a huge population of slaves.


Our team was constantly accompanied by guards armed with AK-47s, and risking their lives every day.  After very intense negotiations with a certain factory owner, who was a high official in the Taliban, he not only agreed to sell all of his slaves but also then asked our team to pray for God to heal him of kidney disease. They prayed with him on the spot for his healing and salvation. Now all of his former slaves are experiencing freedom for the first time in their lives.  The slaves that were rescued were given several provisions of food, housing arrangements, and employment opportunities.  Now they are all well on their way to have a better live in freedom, and no longer in forced labor.

Christian slaves all across this Middle Eastern country work in brick factories and live in fear of their owners. They are forced to work in extremely harsh, degrading, and dehumanizing conditions. Many are mutilated, molested, or even killed by their owners to strike fear into the hearts of other slaves. By God’s grace and guidance, we are working to bring physical and spiritual freedom to these people.


(Our team gathered all the slaves at a large brick factory to announce their freedom)

Our team also preached the good news of Jesus Christ to thousands of people in an area along the Muslim-Christian boarder in that particular town. Preaching in this strategic area allowed many Muslims to hear the message of the Gospel for the first time, and hundreds of Muslims accepted Jesus as their Savior that night.  Many also experienced physical healing.  Among those who received physical healing was a Shiite Muslim man who at that time was a known terrorist, and happened to hear the message preached by our team.  He was in need of a heart transplant, however after receiving Jesus as his Savior and praying for the Lord to heal him, he was examined by his doctor and was told that his heart was completely normal and healthy.  This man, in need of a heart transplant, had experienced first-hand the healing power of Jesus Christ. Now, rather than hatred and evil, his heart is not only healed, but also full of the love of Jesus Christ.

It is clear to see how God was showing His favor and protection over our team as they worked to rescue slaves. This is a powerful example of how your prayers and financial support are used in the Middle East to rescue those with no hope, to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, and to bring relief to those who are oppressed.  Thank you for supporting Mariam’s Fund.  If you would like to make a donation Click Here

What We’re Doing Currently

  • We provide ongoing support for the schools and scholarships for children who cannot afford tuition.
  • We continue to rescue families out of slavery, and equip them with a sustainable food, employment opportunities, education, and housing.
  • We are raising funds to purchase additional land for expansion of the school buildings.

We are raising funds to build a playground for the children at our local schools and we need your help!

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The Land for the Playground


Past Projects: 2 New Schools 


Grand Opening of the Girl’s School

In 2013 we completed a new school building and provided funding for a well-qualified staff.  This was the community’s very first educational facility, and the first time Christian children in this area had an opportunity to receive an education.  Today we operate a boys school and a girls school, both providing a high quality and well rounded education.

The first school we built received government accreditation, which enables all students to receive free books, free testing, and the ability to matriculate to a university.  Since receiving this accreditation, many small schools around the country have associated with our school system as satellite campuses which multiplies the impact of our schools.

Note:  Mariam’s Fund project operates in a highly sensitive county in the middle east. In order to protect the security and safety of the people involved with this project, names and locations are changed or omitted.