Current Projects

We currently provide ongoing support for costs of operation for the girls’ and boys’ school.  This includes maintaining the school facilities as well as raising support for construction costs when expanding the schools.  If you would like to contribute to our current projects, please click the “donate now” button on the top right corner.

2nd Floor for Girls’ School

We are currently building a second floor on the girls school.  This will increase the available capacity for female students to receive an education.  Ideally, the increased amount of classrooms will also provide more job opportunities for teachers in the community.

The girls school before the 2nd level is built…

The girls school during construction of the 2nd level…


Previous Projects

Building Christian Schools for Boys and Girls

In 2013 we completed two brand new school buildings and provided funding to equip the schools with a well-qualified staff.  Due to religious laws in this country, girls and boys are not allowed to be educated together.  This is why Mariam’s Fund has constructed two separate buildings for the girls and boys in this impoverished community.  These were the community’s very first educational facilities, and the first time children in this area had an opportunity to receive a formal education.  Today we continue to support both schools as they provide a well rounded education.

The first school we built received government accreditation, which enables all students to receive free books, free testing, and the ability to matriculate to a university.  Since receiving this accreditation, many smaller schools around the country have associated with our school system as satellite campuses which multiplies the impact of our schools.

Building a Playground for the schools

After the boys and girls school building projects were completed, Mariam’s Fund then began to focus on building a proper playground area for the children attending our schools.  This playground now serves as a safe area where children can run and play with each other.  The playground is also open to other children in the community who do not attend our schools, which serves as a great outreach to local Muslim children and their families.

Before: Playground Property

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After: Playground Property

Note:  Mariam’s Fund project operates in a highly sensitive county in the middle east. In order to protect the security and safety of the people involved with this project, names and locations are changed or omitted.