Our Mission

I am the pastor of a Christian church in Southern California. In 2012, I traveled overseas to visit a new friend who is the leader of a Christian ministry in a large Middle Eastern country. (For security reasons, I cannot publish real names and locations.) There I saw the terrible persecution and suffering of Christians, especially children. It was the worst poverty and persecution I’ve seen anywhere in the world! Millions of children and families live as slaves.

My heart was broken. After I returned home, I was determined to make a difference by building a school for the Christian children living in poverty. As I shared this vision, our church rallied behind the project. We opened our first school in 2013 with over 900 students; 55% of those children are former slaves who have been rescued from hopelessness.

Currently, we have two schools. One for boys and another for girls. The boys and girls are educated separately to abide by the local government policies.  In 2016 we had 1500 students registered at our schools.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

To break the terrible cycle of poverty, children need three essential conditions:

1. Housing

2. Education

3. Community

Through the efforts of Mariam’s fund we have been able to provide thousands of children with proper housing among local families, quality education, and a community of caring people in small Christian churches.  These three elements allow children in poverty to rise above their conditions, to secure good jobs, and to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Note:  Mariam’s Fund project operates in a highly sensitive county in the middle east. In order to protect the security and safety of the people involved with this project, names and locations are changed or omitted.