Child Slavery


Christians are required to live only in designated communities or villages, separate from the Muslims, in poor living conditions.

The Cycle of Poverty and the Role of Education

Denying children an education perpetuates a tragic cycle of poverty among Christians. Without any education, they have no job skills. If they can find work at all, it is usually as street cleaners, trash collectors, household servants, etc. As a result of their poverty, some parents will sell a child into slavery in order to keep the rest of the family from starving to death. Survival is a driving factor behind child slavery.

Generations of Christians live on the grounds of the factories. They work from sun up to sun down in order to make their quotas. The children are subject to hard labor, incredible cruelty, and live on one or two meals a day. In their lifetime most will never leave the grounds, never own shoes, never eat a full meal, sleep in a bed, etc. Slave owners beat, rape, starve, sell the kidneys, and prostitute their slaves, even as small children. On a cold night several kids in each factory will not wake up in the morning, having frozen to death in the night.

Can you imagine your own children being subjected to life as a slave?