The Cycle


The Cycle of Poverty and the Role of Education

Christians are required to live only in designated communities or villages in poor living conditions, and are widely restricted from going to school.

Denying children an education perpetuates a vicious cycle of poverty among Christians in the Middle East. In this sensitive country, most Christian children are not allowed to receive a formal education of any kindle to strict religious laws. Without an education, these children grow up having no job skills. If they can find work at all, it is usually as street cleaners, trash collectors, household servants, etc. As a result of their poverty, some parents will even sell a child into slavery in order to keep the rest of their family from starving to death. Survival is a key factor behind the cycle of poverty.

By providing children with the opportunity to receive an education, they have a fighting chance to break the cycle of poverty in their communities.  With a formal education these underprivileged children grow up having a much higher rate of obtaining better paying jobs and even have the option of applying for college.  By supporting Mariam’s Fund, you are helping us build schools for Christian children living in poverty.  Together we can break the cycle of poverty in the Middle East.

Can you imagine if your own children were not allowed to receive an education?  By supporting Mariam’s Fund you are helping to put an end to the cycle of poverty.