Mariam and her best friend

Welcome to Mariam’s Fund

In some ways Mariam was an ordinary 10 year-old girl. She had a beautiful smile, loved her friends and loved to play.

But Mariam also experienced great hardship – she was a slave at a brick factory in the Middle East. Every day she worked turning bricks to dry in the sun from sunup to sundown.

She was most likely sold into slavery when her Christian parents died and became an orphan, but nobody knows her full story.

Mariam desperately wanted to be freed from her brutal life. In her 10 year old words, she simply said, “Uncle, I don’t like living here. Please rescue me.” Our team made plans the following week to purchase her freedom from the brick factory owner, but sadly, just one day before she was to be rescued from slavery, Mariam died of Dengue Fever.

In the Middle East there are millions of Christian children just like Mariam. These children live everyday without freedom, without education, and without hope. Inspired by the heart of this 10 year-old girl, Mariam’s Fund was created to help children just like her to break free from the cycle of poverty.

We work with ministry partners in the Middle East to make an impact for Christ and to break the cycle of poverty.  Visit our projects page to learn more about our current goals.